Dark chocolate is best for improving mood.

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The benefits of chocolate and its pleasant properties have been convinced in antiquity – however, until now no one has undertaken a detailed study regarding the influence of special types of this product, for example, dark chocolate with a cocoa content of at least 70%. Today, experts from the University of Loma Linda presented their scientific work devoted to studying the effect of certain types of dark chocolate with a high cocoa content on the recipient's internal chemical reactions – both in the short and long term, which was some revelation for scientists based on the results of the study.

The head of the project team, Professor Lee Burke, indicated that during the study, the team focused on identifying the specific properties and effects of those types of dark chocolate, in which the cocoa content is not less than 70% – during the observation of recipients, they found that dark chocolate is not only It improves mood by increasing the production of serotonin and cortisol, but also significantly increases the effectiveness of the immune system and improves memory. For the last factor, scientists were especially entangled and focused on identifying relationships.

To do this, they first conducted a short-term test – the recipients took 48 grams of dark chocolate, and after half an hour a multiple increase in memory efficiency was clearly demonstrated in their testimonies and results. In addition, the immune system also began to work much more efficiently, creating antibodies faster to maintain its function.

Thus, experts were able to take a fresh look at the question of the effect of chocolate – in particular dark – on the process of improving immune parameters and memory. Sensory perception in subjects was also significantly increased in a short period of time, and the consequences of this increase persisted much longer than with milk or regular chocolate. Professionals have yet to discover many interesting properties of cocoa, which, according to them, will definitely lead to a new understanding of chocolate in our lives.

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