Crohn's disease can be defeated by a vegetable diet

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Crohn's disease is a fairly serious multilateral disease of the gastrointestinal tract, which plagues a fairly small number of people, but it does not cease to be dangerous. So today's research by specialists from the scientific journal Nutrients, aimed at identifying the relationship between the symptoms of this disease and the plant diet, has shown that such a diet can effectively stop the development of the disease – moreover, make it completely withdrawn in remission, which happened to one of patients with the age of twenty with a little years.

This patient – whose name is not called in order to preserve confidentiality – was ill with Crohn's disease and was observed by specialists for more than a year, while all this time the main method of treatment and relief of the disease was intravenous injection. However, this almost did not help, after which the patient decided to switch from the board of nutritionists to a diet consisting entirely of plant foods and whole grains – as a result, the patient already felt a significant improvement in health during the first forty days after her start and is now marked as a remission patient – a disease almost completely retreated.

Researchers who are interested in such an amazing and rapid result are not sure about the exact cause of such a radical change during the course of the disease, however, they indicate that most likely the individual intestinal bacteria played the greatest supporting role as a result of the transition to plant food.

Moreover, in the diet of this patient, there is no consumption of any processed or over-processed food like semi-finished products – like any food based on animal products. Thus, Crohn's disease can actually be defeated by such a measure, but experts from the scientific journal Nutrients are not in a hurry to talk about the final results – since such a case can be isolated.

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