Created skin patches with integrated circulatory system

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The ability to print live human skin using a 3D printer can hardly surprise anyone – however, the question is about the word “live”. It is no secret that in medicine the so-called skin patches, made up of extracted human or pig skin cells, have long been used, due to the similarity of their DNA – however, they are temporary because they do not have their own circulatory system. That is why a team of bioengineering specialists from the New York Polytechnic University decided to present their new development of such a skin implant with its own built-in system of blood vessels of a sufficiently flexible and reliable type.

The main and determining component in the new development is a set of human endothelial cells, which, in turn, align the inside of the blood vessels and which wrap the pericyte cells. This connection allows you to create not just new options for skin implants, but also to make them more flexible and reliable, as well as provide them with a constant wearing and connection with the patient’s skin.

In other words, the new development of skin implants with the circulatory system turned on can be implanted into the patient’s surrounding skin over time and thus become a single part with the rest of the skin, successfully integrating their blood vessels into the large-scale circulatory system of the body. It becomes obvious that the development of this nature and scale will probably very soon get its finished final result and will reveal to the general public a radically new way to treat even the most serious skin problems, including chronic ones.

So far, the team of specialist developers from New York continues the preliminary stage of monitoring and studying cells, but very soon the team will present the final version of its development – some third-party experts say that most likely the team will offer two options for its development at once. If this way the work goes on, then most likely the development will present some alternative solutions to the problem.

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