Created artificial insulation, repeating the properties of the fur of a polar bear

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For many years, biologists have studied the natural properties of various animal hides with great interest and attention – in particular, many scientists have been delighted with the complex of physicochemical characteristics exhibited by the polar bear's fur, which perfectly repels water and does not conduct heat, thereby delaying him on the skin. So, Chinese chemical engineering specialists in one of the universities of their country decided to create an artificial type of such fur, which would also be characterized by a high degree of thermal insulation and water repelling – and after a rather long number of sessions, they finally did it!

The main secret of why polar bear fur is so effective for trapping heat lies at the heart of the internal structure of its hair – the fact is that every hair of the fur is hollow, which also minimizes discharge. Specialists from the Technological University of China decided to recreate such properties on an artificial object – and as such they chose tellurium, creating small thin wiring out of it.

Then, wrapping them in carbon, these wiring were placed in a special solution for their dissolution – as a result, Chinese scientists managed to create millions of artificially hollow carbon hair, which began to express the analogous properties of polar bear fur. Having spent a few more sessions to enhance these properties, Chinese scientists have really succeeded in this and can now boast an improved version of artificial fur – which retains heat and repels water in a much more efficient way than the natural skin of a polar bear.

Thus, the presented insulated material can do an excellent service in many different directions and formats of scientific studies – besides, if scientists find a way to commercialize it, it probably will soon become one of the most interesting and promising foundations for creating new panels for insulating and thermal insulation.

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