Created a unique robot catheter for heart surgery

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In modern medicine, various applied robotic devices have been used for a long time, which allow you to perform even the most complex operations in a lightweight way. Today, the medical development team from the Boston Children's Hospital in the United States presented the results of testing its new unique design, which is a special robotic catheter for working with the heart and its various departments. The tests themselves were carried out on several experimental pigs, which had previously been installed special pumps in the aorta, and with the help of a new catheter they connected air extraction and pumping devices to them.

The device itself is a long and elongated catheter with a fine tip, which houses a high-quality optical camera that can shoot in a wide angle and an optical contact sensor, with which any necessary task is performed. The basis of the movement of the catheter is a micro-motor, which pushes the catheter deep into the heart system, along the left ventricular zone, and with the help of a camera, the surgeon can orient himself in the current position of the catheter.

In addition, the main feature of this medical development is a separate module of artificial intelligence, which examines and analyzes the contents of an optical camera and, on the basis of the data obtained, chooses the most optimal way to follow. In tests conducted on pigs, the specialists managed to successfully connect the catheter to the artificial aortic pump, thereby proving not only the success, but also the reliability of such a design – of course, artificial intelligence played a significant role here.

It is worth noting that the work of artificial intelligence working with this device is provided, including through a systematic study of a whole card of heart diseases and cardiac “geography” – based on these data, the AI ​​can then implement the most rational and optimal solutions for the promotion and operation of the catheter. Of course, in the future, the development will only improve and become more multifunctional.

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