Created a unique patch for tracking respiratory patterns in coronavirus

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Today, engineers from Northwestern University in Chicago presented their new, very interesting medical-applied development in the form of a special smart patch, the main function of which is to read information on the breathing regime of patients with a new type of coronavirus and experiencing certain problems with breathing. Given that respiratory tract disorders are one of the most dangerous for the vast majority of patients with COVID-19 in the world, it becomes obvious that it is the ability to track the patterns of these disorders at an early stage that is a key opportunity to completely block them.

The development itself is a rather thin and elastic patch made up of a special polymer plastic of high flexibility, which is attached to the base of the patient’s neck and starts tracking their breathing patterns during rest, sleep and activity, thus sending indicators to a separate device and recording various alarming moments . So this sounds short, but in fact, the process of collecting information, according to the developers, is quite different from third-party similar devices widely used in modern medicine – although they do not specify how it differs.

Nevertheless, the scientists have already conducted several experiment sessions and recorded a total of more than 1,500 hours of information on the patch, which is equivalent to about 1 TB of digital information – in total, 25 people with varying degrees of respiratory failure from for COVID-19. It is worth noting that the developers were able to achieve truly excellent test results in various situations and scenarios.

Among other things, this smart patch can become a kind of scientific and technical base, on the basis of which specialists will be able to create similar, even more effective and multifunctional devices for tracking various coronavirus patterns in the future. It remains only to wait for subsequent reports regarding the configuration of the correct and most functional configuration of the new device.

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