Created a new type of artificial leather for VR entertainment

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Today it became known that a team of material engineering specialists from the EPFL research robotics laboratory created a new prototype of artificial leather made using silicone and a special electrode system – the project was developed in collaboration with the team from the Soft Bioelectronic Interfaces Laboratory in the USA and is something really amazing . This is because the new prototype is the first in the world to have a unified and inseparable system of electrodes, layers and soft actuators that together form a real feeling of living skin – an advantage that can be interesting in a variety of fields.

For example, developers say that they plan to improve their artificial skin in the near future so as to be used not only in medicine – as a full-fledged skin implant – but also in the field of modern virtual reality and digital entertainment. Due to the fact that the basis of the new prototype is the use of a single layer with electrodes and a feedback system, the user can actually feel the smallest fluctuations associated with the work of the skin.

As for the electrode system, it has a really flexible adjustment ability – and, moreover, the developers even left the opportunity to additionally connect some third-party devices and tools to the system, which allow achieving even more accurate results. As for the preliminary studies, the development specialists managed to achieve a frequency of 100 Hz, which is approximately equal to 100 pulses per second – for such a compact prototype this is really an excellent indicator.

It is worth noting the fact that most likely the artificial leather presented will have some other features and features, but first, developers need to properly understand the basic characteristics and capabilities of the new artificial leather. Only after that can we even talk about adding some additional features and tools to improve the functionality of the prototype

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