Created a new protective metal film CMF

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Today, material engineering specialists from New York University presented a truly unusual development, which is a new type of protective metal film designed to protect military equipment and personnel. The developers say that in comparison with traditional protective coatings for military needs, the presented one has really excellent properties, which one way or another are characterized by promising distribution in the field of military development in the near future – provided that the film itself successfully passes all the necessary tests and tests .

We are talking about a special composite metal film CMF, which has twice the weight in comparison with the traditional metal protective film and at the same time absorbs much more damage and impact. The structure of the CMF film itself is a rather interesting approach, since it is based on hollow metal spheres made of titanium aluminum and embedded in a fully metallic matrix of a mixture of titanium, aluminum and steel. Thus, both sides of the new film matrix are made of steel, which makes it possible to significantly increase the stability of the film and at the same time make it easier.

As for the preliminary tests and tests, the development specialists managed to improve the concept in such a way that it would stop even large caliber 50 caliber shells, produced at a speed of 500 meters per second – with such an indicator the material absorbed up to 75% of the projectiles fired, which is really interesting and promising approach.

However, so far the development team is not in a hurry to inform the public and its partners about what needs to be done in the future to further improve the material – and also does not inform you when it is planned to integrate the new CMF protective film into modern weapons. So far, the team is working to improve the energy efficiency of its development.

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