Created a new heart patch based on cheap hydrogel

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Researchers from Fudan and Brown universities today presented their new, very interesting development in the field of applied medicine – this is a special cardiac patch-support designed to maintain the correct functioning of the heart muscle after a heart attack. Since a heart attack is characterized by a rather high chance of stretching the heart muscle, it subsequently weakens, which delays the process of its recovery – this is what heart patches are used for, providing muscle support and not allowing it to stretch. However, the new development of specialists has such an interesting competitive advantage as the cost of manufacture.

Most of the heart patches distributed in the field of cardiac medicine, one way or another have a high cost, due to the fact that for their manufacture require a rather rare and expensive materials. However, the new development of experts from the University of Brown in its manufacture is only one penny, since the main material is a cheap hydrogel, obtained from food starch.

It sounds really unusual and even a little hard to believe that such a cheap design can actually support the regulation of the heart muscle – but this is indeed what happens. Due to the fact that the new experimental patch has medium rigidity and a high degree of flexibility, it allows not only to keep the heart muscle in its original position, but also to resist various external factors of deformation and breakdowns. In addition, it has already been tested by experts in the laboratory, after which she unanimously agreed that she has excellent quality.

Thus, a new heart patch based on a cheap hydrogel may well compete with the absolute majority of modern patches applied to patients who have had a heart attack. It is worth noting the fact that some other teams of scientists are already striving to repeat the success of their colleagues and present something even more interesting and unusual – it remains only to wait for it!

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