Created a new artificial sheet prototype

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For the most part, it is nature that surrounds us that forms the solution to various engineering and physical problems – as a result, more and more scientific teams are paying attention to natural processes, in the hope of using their potential in relation to engineering. And today, a talented team of chemical engineering specialists from the Technical University of Eindhoven presented their new development of an artificial sheet, which, thanks to its unusual shape and used material of a new type, has almost the same property of photosynthesis, like a regular sheet.

This was achieved mainly due to the replacement of silicon rubber with Plexiglass, a special type of glass with a high degree of flexibility and transparency. The latter characteristic is especially important for such a prototype of an artificial sheet, since sunlight should not only fully penetrate the material, but also be correctly distributed over its entire area. Moreover, the engineers also applied a new internal structure of special microfluidic channels through which a special liquid flows, converting sunlight into a chemical reaction of glucose production, the by-product of which is the released oxygen.

Despite the fact that the composition of such a liquid is not called, it is unlikely that the current version of the development is very different from the one that was demonstrated back in 2016. Thus, the new artificial sheet completely repeats the properties and capabilities of the natural, while even surpassing it in terms of specific conversion.

All this leads to the fact that the engineers have a completely new horizon of the possibilities of using such artificial sheets and plants for the needs of experimental and quantum engineering – since the specific volume of energy produced is much higher and the oxygen level is converted correctly, this means a very promising character for subsequent use This artificial sheet in many areas and areas of chemical and material engineering.

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