Created a live diamond in the laboratory

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Diamonds are a great gift for many people – as well as for those who are seriously interested in the formation of crystalline organisms under water. After all, some time ago, geological scientists found traces of huge reserves of this precious stone at a very large sea depth – which should have undermined the authority and value of diamonds. This new study from several US universities has shown that it is possible to create a high-quality and, most importantly, “live” diamond in the laboratory – thanks to one very interesting experiment.

The experiment itself was to recreate the natural process of diamond formation with the help of peridotite stone and marine sedimentary rock with salt – as the specialists increased the pressure and reduced the temperature, the salt gradually began to activate and form what we used to call a diamond. Thus, a successful study clearly demonstrated that diamonds are not such a rare material for which it would be worth spending a huge amount of time and money.

Of course, this experiment did not cause a significant decrease in the cost of diamonds and other rare and expensive stones on the market, but this will obviously affect how many people will relate to materials of this kind in nature — and in the market in particular. Although, of course, here there are still some moments directly related to the need to reduce the cost of production.

In addition, it becomes obvious that no one will be engaged in breeding diamonds in this way, since it requires not only additional time and materials, but also technologies from proven companies, which they obviously will not share. In addition, the experiment of experts was aimed primarily at the opportunity to test whether they really could create a completely high-quality and lively diamond in the laboratory.

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