Created a clever medicine with artificial DNA

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The possibility of gradually introducing the necessary substances into the patient’s body to treat a disease is not as simple as it may seem at first glance – even if we are talking about the use of so-called ointments that can constantly excrete the necessary substances under the skin. It was with the aim to create a conceptually new type of such clever medicine that can independently and, most importantly, a follower release into the human body the necessary substances and groups of substances, a team of researchers from the Technical University of Munich presented their new research on the development of such a drug concept that has already been demonstrated really high level of efficiency.

The basis of the new smart drugs is the use of two main components – a specially created hydrogel and an edited segment of artificial DNA, which serves as a retention of the substances stored in it. The hydrogel itself forms a specific format for such a drug, within which various substances are released on a consistent basis. As an experiment, scientists used silver, copper and gold oxide nanoparticles, and it was in this sequence that they stood out.

Thanks to the external editing of the behavior of artificial DNA – within which these nanoparticles were enclosed – the scientists were able to correctly adjust the trigger reaction of DNA, which, as it degraded and decreased, the successor gradually separated the nanoparticles from the hydrogel. The preliminary results of the study showed that scientists were actually able to create a conceptually new and, most importantly, an effective way to make such substances.

So very soon, a team of researchers will take up the test of their development in experimental mice – because their biology is largely similar to that of humans. Although, of course, at this point in time, quite a lot of questions and moments remain associated with the implementation of this development on a larger scale – and it will depend on how well it will generally take root in the world.

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