COVID-19 mRNA-1273 Tested Successfully

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Moderna, an American biotechnological company, today presented its new report to the international medical community on the success of clinical trials of its new vaccine against a new type of coronavirus – this is the so-called chemical agent mRNA-1273, which some time ago already managed to light up among the most promising candidates for fighting COVID-19. Nevertheless, despite the current success of clinical trials, the scientists themselves say that it is too early to talk about the full launch of the current iteration of the vaccine, because it has not yet passed some of the additional long-term immune tests in humans.

But as for the short-term tests, then everything went extremely well. Initially, the current vaccine configuration was tested on laboratory microorganisms infected with the COVID-19 virus and demonstrated its promising nature. Then the scientists switched to clinical trials on human volunteers, aged 18 to 55 years, suffering from varying degrees of symptoms of the new coronavirus.

Introducing successively 25, 100 and 250 microgram doses of their new chemical agent, experts noted that the greatest balance of effectiveness and the absence of side effects is observed at a dosage of 170 to 200 micrograms of mRNA-1273, noting only redness at the injection site as the most significant side effect . Soon after the short administration of this experimental vaccine, the vast majority of patients with COVID-19 stopped showing symptoms and were discharged from the medical institutions in which they were kept – the highest percentage of success was observed in the middle age group, which usually suffers most from respiratory complications of the virus.

Nevertheless, it is too early to say when exactly this experimental vaccine will be commercially available – for the simple reason that scientists first need to properly modify its basic chemical composition and bring in even more effective components in order to make sure that it is completely absent dangerous and harmful side effects in the long run.

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