COVID-19 May Be Particularly Dangerous for Children with MIS-C

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Today, a team of Texas medical researchers at the University of Texas at Austin's Center for General Medicine unveiled their new study looking at the potential relationship between COVID-19 infection and the onset of so-called multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children. This syndrome is a rather serious and very dangerous disruption of the respiratory organs and some other organs, which most often affects children due to their not too strong immunity, and in about 60% of cases leads to the onset and development of chronic problems with the respiratory system and heart, which entails the necessary control.

Of course, some previous studies of this type have repeatedly illustrated such a potential relationship between all the annoying new type of coronavirus and the relatively rare disease MIS-C, which is accompanied by truly sad consequences for all people affected by it. First of all, from the primary symptoms, there is a significant wear and tear of the heart muscle and the entire cardiovascular system as a whole, which in more than half of the cases leads to the need for further monitoring of the person's condition throughout his life, with all the ensuing consequences.

More than 65% of children diagnosed with this MIS-C syndrome also have a new type of coronavirus in 22% of cases, according to a current study by Texas health professionals. Although it was often present in an asymptomatic or mild phase, it nevertheless poses an additional threat – and, according to researchers, it may be a companion to MIS-C.

Nevertheless, it is still too early to speak definitively about any conclusions, since with regard to the youngest patients, some additional difficulties in determining a specific diagnosis may often be observed – since some additional complications may be mixed here. However, in the event that the study by Texas specialists does indeed reflect at least half of the results, then this is clearly not very good news for the global health sector.

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