COVID-19 can theoretically cause diabetes

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If the threat of constant damage to the lungs and respiratory system by the new type of coronavirus was not enough, now experts in the healthcare world have also talked about a new, potentially more dangerous symptom that can be triggered by the coronavirus – this is diabetes mellitus of the first and second types, which, in fact, can occur as one of the side effects of coronavirus complications. This is indicated not only by many studies of the modern type, but also by a whole heap of early studies that examined the relationship of coronavirus and glucose metabolic processes.

Today in the scientific journal New England Journal of Medicine an article was published by experts from the world medical association called CoviDiab Registry, a special organization that was created solely to prove or disprove the possibility of developing diabetes mellitus or another serious disease due to the new type of coronavirus COVID- nineteen. In particular, the specialists of this center are already considering 17 registered cases in the United States, when, after some time, patients with coronavirus began to show not only symptoms of permanent lung damage, but also some early symptoms of type 2 diabetes, which cannot but alarm.

Despite the rather large amount of early studies regarding the relationship of the coronavirus family with the development of any type of diabetes, experts are not yet ready to reach a verdict as to whether the coronavirus COVID-19 can actually cause such serious consequences, not to mention some more obvious symptoms.

In addition, American scientists are very interested in the question of how long the so-called permanent damage to the respiratory system is and whether it is possible to stop the most severe forms of it in any way – because not only the health and life of many people now depends on solving this issue, but also future success rate of treatment for similar coronavirus symptoms with some viral modifications.

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