Congenital heart disease can cause dementia

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Congenital heart disease is known to cause epileptic seizures and even autism at an early age. However, as recent research by scientists has shown, such a cardiological disease can also lead to senile dementia, that is, dementia.

The study was conducted by scientists from Aarhus University. Clinicians analyzed more than 10,000 cases and found that 60% of patients with congenital heart disease, after 65 years, were diagnosed with dementia.

Why these two pathological processes are interconnected, scientists have not yet established, therefore, more detailed clinical studies are required in the future. Talk about a causal relationship is not yet necessary.

However, clinicians have conducted another interesting study on the treatment and prevention of senile dementia. So, it was found that it is possible to slow down the development of the pathological process with the help of blueberry extract – such a connection improves memory and cognitive abilities. Therefore, people who are at risk need to take these vitamins all the time. This does not exclude the development of the disease in old age, but significantly reduces the likelihood of a severe course of the pathological process.



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