Colorectal cancer vaccine is undergoing testing.

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This week, there have been several detailed reports on two new cancer vaccines focused on the treatment of colorectal colorectal cancer – it is worth noting that these vaccines are still hypothetical and preliminary, without claiming to be the final drug. Nevertheless, the researchers who developed these vaccines indicate that, according to preliminary laboratory studies and then clinical studies, the vaccines presented by them do in fact have excellent performance and effectiveness in the fight against specific antigen molecules that form the accelerated development of a cancerous tumor. in the rectum.

It is worth noting that the principle of internal activation of the immune system lies at the heart of the new vaccines – in simple terms, the immune system, spurred by this drug, independently forms and releases T-cells, which, in turn, are aimed at finding and destroying the notorious molecules. – antigens. We are talking about molecules called GUCY2C and they are cancer molecules of high recovery.

In clinical trials in ten patients suffering from the first and second stage of colorectal cancer, the scientists introduced these two vaccines separately and observed the results. It turned out that both vaccines to a similar extent were able to quickly cope with the destruction of antigens due to the production of T-cells, while in parallel opposing possible recurrent moments associated with the restoration of antigens. This is becoming a really promising indicator, since such vaccines can be significantly improved in the future.

So far, researchers have been saying that they need to further elaborate the point related to the activation and release of the notorious T cells, since the immune system, weakened by cancer, cannot always start such production in time. However, there is little doubt that in a short time, specialists will be able to improve the current developments of their vaccines.

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