Coffee may not be so dangerous: research

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Coffee is a popular and favorite drink of many people, but it is often covered with a hazard film in the context of research into finding out how this drink affects the cardiovascular system. However, a new study of experts from the University of Queen Mary in the UK in relation to this issue revealed a lot of new interesting details about the real situation. Thus, according to a new study, coffee is not a truly dangerous product, which may not be associated with hardening of the tissues of the arteries and the occurrence of various heart diseases on this background.

The fact is that in the new study more than 8 thousand adult volunteers took part, who consumed coffee daily for several months, but with different frequency. On the lower statistical spectrum there were people who consumed only one cup of coffee per day, and in the upper one – up to 25 cups of coffee. To many, this figure may seem really huge, but the results of a new study show that coffee may not be the first factor in the occurrence and development of cardiovascular diseases.

Because previous studies on this issue often indicated that coffee is the most dangerous factor in tightening arterial tissues – but a new study has shown that in reality things are somewhat different. Scientists have noticed almost no correlation between the amount of coffee drunk and the degree of hardening of arterial tissues, which supposedly should lead to the development of heart disease.

Moreover, they indicated that neither in the lower nor in the upper spectrum of volunteers by the amount of coffee consumed daily was there a single person who in one way or another would complain about the deterioration of the heart muscle. Thus, a new study indicates that in terms of maintaining the health of the arteries and the cardiovascular system, smoking cessation and not too healthy food have a much greater effect.

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