Coffee Can Help Avoid Obesity

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Coffee can be not only a wonderful source of spiritual and gastronomic pleasure, but also of medical benefit, as a new study by specialists from the University of Illinois in the USA today has demonstrated the possibility of using some residues obtained from the husks of coffee beans to prevent and even eliminate the primary factors of various diseases associated with obesity and diabetes. In particular, the study concerns the possibility of using and modifying these waste compounds in such a way as to further enhance their medical effect and give them a new format for modern pharmacology.

This new study is about the so-called protocatechic and gallic acids, which are contained in a fairly large amount in the husks of coffee beans. Most often, these components disappear without a trace with the husk during disposal, due to the lack of the possibility of their use directly in the preparation of coffee and coffee drinks, but this time the scientists decided to focus on studying the properties of these phenolic compounds – as you know, they can be extremely useful if necessary, eliminate high cholesterol. It turned out that these two indicated acids have the ability to significantly increase the degree of absorption of glucose in fat cells, thereby reducing the level of inflammation in fats per se.

This, in turn, means the possibility of using these compounds to modify existing medicines aimed at eliminating the primary cause of inflammation, as well as in various other topical substances.

Preliminary studies have demonstrated that protocatechuic and gallic acids can in fact be really interesting substances for use in some compounds and types of pharmacological preparations. However, scientists need to spend some extra time on rechecking the preliminary results and to prepare the first preliminary version of such a complex based on these phenolic compounds – which will certainly surprise everyone with its effectiveness!

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