Cocoa contains fat-reducing agents

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Caffeine may not be as terrible as many nutritionists and microbiology researchers are trying to present it – moreover, the elements contained in caffeine can be extremely useful for maintaining a high health tone and as a counterweight to obesity and the onset of diabetes. Such a conclusion was reached by a team of researchers from the University of Illinois, who carefully studied the effect of the three active components found in the husks of coffee beans on the body of experimental mice – and noted that all these three components can also be very useful for the human body, although testing is required.

These include, in particular, such compounds as epicatechin, protocatechuic acid and procyanidin B2 – all these compounds are found to a greater extent in the husks of coffee beans, but also in green tea and coffee drinks in general. Scientists conducted experiments on mice, creating an extract based on water using all three components – as well as in a separate session using each separately – and forcing mice with damaged mitochondrial function to consume it.

As a result, they found that these three components have a really large positive spectrum of influence on the body – firstly, they accelerate the recovery of white fat cells, which causes mice to gain less fat, and secondly, they significantly reduce the level of sugar resistance, which turn can result in a significantly lower risk of developing diabetes. For such modest components get a lot of benefit.

It is worth noting the fact that cocoa and coffee in general are quite controversial drinks in terms of long-term effects on the human body – scientists continue to actively argue about how generally they can be considered useful or even safe. As for the current study, it illustrates that coffee beans can actually do more good than harm and side effects of an unpleasant type.

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