Christmas tree needles can serve as paints and sweeteners.

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A new study by specialists from the University of Sheffield regarding the possibility of disposing of Christmas trees and Christmas tree needles has produced very unusual results – under the guidance of Cynthia Carty, graduates of the Chemical and Biological Department of the University of Sheffield, Christmas tree needles can be disposed of in harmless food sweeteners and high-grade coloring materials. Her team came to this conclusion after studying a new method for the disposal of needles using a complex polymer called lignocellulose, the primary elements of which are also found in the needle structure.

It is worth noting that the problem of recycling and recycling Christmas trees and Christmas tree needles is really critical – especially in the United States, where a massive accumulation of needles generates a considerable proportion of the so-called greenhouse effect. In order to solve this growing problem, specialists from the University of Sheffield presented their new recycling method, which is based on the use of lignocellulose – a complex polymer with very strong decomposition properties.

In other words, when it is used, it becomes possible to efficiently decompose Christmas needles, since in the natural environment this process takes quite a long time – while a team of specialists noticed that the properties of the polymer can also be changed in a dynamic perspective due to the action of some third-party chemical agents. And this already promises a conceptually different effective approach to the disposal of a large number of Christmas tree needles and plants similar to them.

So far, the new recycling method is undergoing a preliminary testing phase and will soon become one of the most promising for recycling Christmas trees. Regarding the conversion to sweeteners and paint, experts noted that the same substances are observed in polymer-utilized residues as in sweeteners and certain types of paint.

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