Cholesterol is not the number one cause of heart attacks.

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Many scientists at all times actively argued about whether cholesterol is the number one cause for the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases and in the context of developing an early risk of heart attack. A new study straight from the University of Eastern Finland regarding the relationship between egg consumption and this risk has found that even a high percentage of cholesterol does not directly lead to the development of an early heart attack, exactly like other cardiovascular diseases. It is worth noting that the results obtained are nevertheless more focused on Finns and people living in similar geographical conditions.

And all because only 30-35% of the Finnish population – exactly like other northern regions – have the so-called apoliprotein APOE4, which is responsible for the proper regulation of cholesterol metabolism. In other words, in northern peoples, this regulation occurs somewhat faster, which means that it is possible on average to develop more often one or another heart disease from high consumption of cholesterol-containing foods.

But, as it turned out, such a threat is only theoretical, because based on the observation of several hundred volunteers, subjects – some of whom did not consume cholesterol at all, and some ate one fried egg a day – scientists found that there is no statistical basis for waiting for such a development. risk. In addition, scientists also noted that they didn’t notice practically any differences between low and medium cholesterol intake – for most users, thus, it will not have a special purpose.

However, scientists were quick to clarify that the illustrated data primarily concerns residents of Finland and the northern regions, but approximately the same can be said for other peoples. So while experts are interested in conducting some additional tests and clarifying some points related to the consumption and processing of cholesterol.

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