Chinese scientists have discovered a new coronavirus

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Today, the Chinese news agency Xinhua has notified national and international public that Chinese scientists have been able to detect and register a new type of coronavirus, originally discovered outside of China. The fact is that an unnamed Chinese tourist who was in Taiwan and who suddenly felt signs of malaise, very similar to the symptoms of coronaviruses, drew attention to himself. Thus, having received the necessary medical care and returning to his homeland, in the province of Wuhan, the Chinese tourist was investigated in order to obtain more detailed information about the newly discovered virus.

It turned out that the new coronavirus differs from many others primarily in that it does not have a short and fast incubation period and in that it is not transmitted from person to person as easily as many of its counterparts. But at the same time, according to the report of Chinese doctors, it poses no less danger, since now it can only be a preliminary stage of formation.

Given that China had previously dealt with an outbreak of a rather aggressive and dangerous form of SARS in 2002 and 2003 caused by another similar coronavirus, it becomes clear that the presented format of coronavirus has its own hidden threats, and therefore Chinese experts are trying to uncover as much as possible more details regarding this virus. So far, no third-party manifestations of the work of this coronavirus have been reported both outside of China and within the country, but it is too early to talk about the spread.

Given the fact that the new coronavirus discovered is rather mysterious, it becomes clear that Chinese medical specialists will continue to research its features with might and main. It is still unclear how widespread and interesting in its symptoms is the new coronavirus, not to mention what additional manifestations it can demonstrate in conjunction with other diseases – so it remains only to wait for new news.

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