Cerebral edema can be defeated with a special gene.

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Brain edema is a very serious danger, which most often occurs as a result of such equally serious danger to human health and life as a stroke. Of course, currently deployed methods and systems for the treatment and prevention of strokes give a certain percentage of positive results, but it becomes rather difficult to fight against brain edema – which in some cases can grow really quickly. Especially in elderly patients whose brain ceases to produce some important genes and enzymes, or produces in insufficient quantities.

However, neuroscientists from the University of Southern California have their own recently tested and successful approach to how quickly and significantly reduce the amount and speed of incipient brain inflammation caused by stroke. The focus of the new study – an article with which, by the way, has already appeared in the scientific journal Cell Reports – is the study of a special gene called TRIM9, which is responsible for the correct processing of certain chemical reactions in the brain and which is present in the greatest concentration only in the relatively young brain .

Having conducted preliminary laboratory studies, specialists from Southern California found that the TRIM9 gene can in fact significantly reduce the degree of brain inflammation even with its long-term course – however, experts note that the highest level of treatment for brain edema is still possible only during the first 30 minutes or within an hour after edema, which imposes certain difficulties on the process of treatment and recovery of the brain.

However, given the proven efficacy in the application of this gene in relation to the brain that has suffered a stroke, it becomes obvious that in the near future, gene therapy will become the most common and interesting integrated approach to the implementation of treatment and recovery of the brain even after a crisis stroke and relatively large cerebral edema.

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