Cell injection restores muscle mass

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Anyone who has not performed movement for quite a long time knows that after such a period it is quite difficult to resume the usual mode of life – especially if there is a rather large degree of loss of muscle mass in the legs. In order to study in more detail the possibilities of reducing such a loss after a long period of inactivity, specialists from the University of Illinois presented the results of their new study – the focus of which was the study of specific cells participating in the accelerated recovery of blood vessels. It turned out that their useful properties in this context do not end there.

More specifically, we are talking about so-called pericyte cells, which are widely known for their ability to speed up the recovery and growth of blood vessels after various injuries. However, the experts decided to test pericytes in regards to restoring muscle mass for a long time to inactive extremities of experimental mice – by injecting these cells into mice that had not moved their back legs for two weeks.

It turned out that in comparison with their relatives, who restored muscle mass and tone on their own, they manifested a really accelerated process of such recovery – they managed to completely restore the muscle tissue of limbs previously immobilized in just one and a half weeks, while the residual pericyte cells in the muscle tissues after it was not found that this indicates a high degree of safety of this type of cells. It is worth noting that further research in this direction is continuing, so that it will soon be possible to talk about new results.

Illinois experts also noted that pericyte cells can be excellent candidates for use in complex drugs and compounds – and it is worth noting that some laboratory research shows that pericytes can actually become promising cells for fast recovery. muscle mass of individual limbs of the human body.

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