Cell division recreated outside the cell

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Cell division seems to many scientists and even simple average people a fairly simple and understandable process – and on the one hand this is indeed the case. However, the nuances of cell division, which is the basis for the development of life, continue to elude us. Thus, a team of microbiologists from the University of Chicago in the USA tried to respond to some of these nuances by attempting to reproduce the process of cell division outside the cell itself, under laboratory conditions – and what is most surprising, they really managed to do it, and the division itself was no different from of natural.

Experiments of this kind were undertaken before, but all of them were defeated at one stage or another, mainly due to the lack of initial data and certain materials. Now, in the center of the new research, the specialists armed themselves with a new material and chemical base, and decided to do everything in a unique way. They literally “took out” the active components of cell division from it and placed them in an artificial environment, which only remotely recreates the natural environment of the cell.

We are talking about the interaction of actin – a key protein for cell division – and myosin, which is a protein of the motor regulator, which pulls genetic information from actin and forms the second cell. This is exactly what happened in the laboratory with specialists, and they note that actin, in its intrinsic biological manner, immediately settled in a parallel way to take myosin and further interact with it – which is explained fairly simply.

The fact is that such a parallel arrangement of actin is the most rational and logical in terms of avoiding any danger or obstacle, since it is in such a format that it is most convenient for it to communicate with the motor protein and begin the formation of subsequent cells. It is worth noting that experts want to conduct an additional, control experiment with repeating conditions, but with a slight change in the set parameters, to improve the purity of the experiment.

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