CDC warns of tighter Salmonella

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The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention today released another update to its report on the trend in the development of salmonella – or rather, it is about the last spread strain of salmonella, which is incredibly resistant to the usual antibiotics. Today, in particular, the team of scientists noted that it had found an additional risk factor that would contribute to the further transmission of the disease among US residents, noting also some measures necessary for armament in order to prevent such spread and provide prevention.

In particular, the CDC Center noted that among the last 175 hospital admissions, about 30% of patients contacted infected birds in one way or another – most of them through kisses and skin touches. At least 192 people who have recently developed salmonellosis are children under the age of 5 years, and about 500 of the last thousand and a few patients have reported experiencing symptoms of salmonellosis shortly after being on the farm.

Moreover, it is worth noting that the newly discovered Salmonella virus strain is somehow local, since the vast majority of patients and hospitalized live in three states – Ohio, Minnesota and California. It is worth noting that so far the Center has reported two deaths in connection with salmonellosis, but it is about elderly people – for now, the spread of the strain is controlled, but residents are still not recommended to once again contact with poultry, in order to avoid direct infection .

In addition, an additional report on the current trend in the spread of salmonellosis in the United States clearly shows that it is necessary not only to isolate the most affected foci of poultry, but also to carry out some home and farm prophylaxis – in particular, experts advise all farmers to immediately contact veterinary clinics for work diagnostics for the presence of salmonella virus in their household.

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