CDC warns of the danger of dried mushrooms in the US

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Today, the US Centers for Disease Prevention and Control released a special report on a new potential source of threat of the spread of salmonellosis in the US – we are talking about the so-called "tree mushroom", which is a common food in many varieties of Asian cuisine and dishes. In particular, the warning about the possible development of salmonellosis came shortly after several dozen users in more than ten states of America reported the problems of food poisoning – and most of the reported cases were about mushrooms sold by Wismettac Asian Foods.

This company is primarily engaged in the supply of various ingredients and food products to various Asian restaurants and establishments across a large number of US states, and therefore today's CDC report is mostly about warning about the need to avoid consuming this dried mushroom directly from this company.

Because of all 41 reported cases of salmonellosis in several states in the center of the United States, approximately 90% of patients admitted that, shortly before the symptoms of the disease were detected, they somehow visited one of the institutions or ate mushroom products from Wismettac Asian Foods, which is very accurate and in a specific way hints at the culprit of the events. However, for its part, the company immediately began internal investigations and, to its own interest, found that most likely the public was right, since some of the mushroom products were clearly different in their chemical composition.

All this was established after the fact, after rather lengthy and detailed laboratory studies within the company itself – in particular, it is worth noting the important fact that the US CDC strongly recommends the American public in the near future to abandon the purchase and consumption of dried mushrooms from Wismettac Asian Foods as internal laboratory research and process audits are ongoing and should illustrate the results

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