CDC warns of increased sexually transmitted diseases

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The CDC Center for the Prevention and Control of Diseases of the United States today presented a new report of a rather alarming nature regarding the increased dynamics of cases of various sexually transmitted diseases in the United States – and this anxiety is further increased due to the established fact that the mortality rate of newborns due to these diseases has also increased. Scientists were able to register a significantly increased incidence of gonorrhea, syphilis and chlamydia among adults in the United States over 25 years of age – in particular, young women who are expecting a baby are born at risk.

In particular, it is worth mentioning the fact that scientists have registered an increase in cases of sexually transmitted diseases by 40% compared to last year 2018, despite the fact that most of these cases relate to 115 thousand cases of syphilis, which again began to gain momentum in the United States. Scientists point out the fact that for the most part such venereal activation is due to the fact that many patients neglect the simple rules of hygiene and do not consider it necessary to periodically be examined by the attending physician, especially in the prenatal period.

As for the specifically increased rate of syphilis cases, in the context of labor activity according to the latest updated statistics, about 1300 newborns die due to this – which is a really high indicator of infant mortality, because infants cannot develop the necessary antibodies urgently. That is why CDC specialists are releasing a new report and at the same time a medical pamphlet.

It is worth noting that with such information security measures, the CDC Center can actually periodically change the foci of various diseases in the states – with regard to sexually transmitted diseases, which are discussed in a new report, young pregnant women look like a particularly risky group, not all of which, for whatever reason, undergo proper medical supervision before the birth itself.

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