CDC warns of a crypto parasite outbreak in the US

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Today, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has released a special report in which it reported that a record number of cases of so-called crypto-parasites was recorded in the US this summer. These parasites are a particularly stable family of parasites that predominantly live in water and can even adapt to natural protective environments such as bleach. It is worth noting the fact that the specialists of the Center released this report specifically at this point in time, since they are interested in knowing as much as possible about the potential danger that threatens them.

The main reason for the development and dissemination of these crypto parasites is that the most favorable environment for them is water – and at the height of the summer bathing season throughout the United States, many people in one way or another enjoy swimming in the water and in the pools. At the moment, experts have notified the public about 444 cases of an outbreak of crypto parasites, and most of them in one way or another treat pools as the main sources of infection.

Of this number, 287 people were hospitalized with quite serious consequences, and one person even died – however, it is worth noting that scientists are doing everything in their power to prevent the further spread of crypto parasites and also inform the public about the need to carefully focus on rest. About 39% of the registered cases of infection with crypto-parasites occur in children, who constitute a special risk group, which has a high vulnerability to these parasites.

Speaking about the ability to resist them, experts note that the most rational and effective way to prevent them is to avoid the use of public water spaces – such as open public pools or public water bodies. And when they detect the first signs of a disease, scientists recommend to see a doctor right away, since crypto parasites can be very dangerous, especially if it is a new strain.

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