CDC updates vape statistics

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Today, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control has released a new report on the current situation with the development of the so-called EVALI syndrome – a special respiratory distress syndrome associated with systematic and not-so-much use of vape. Over the past few weeks, CDC specialists have noticed a really marked increase in the level of diseases and hospitalizations associated with the use of vape products, as well as updated statistical information on 49 states of America, which clearly indicates that not only the number of registered cases of respiratory tract complications is growing, but also the number of deaths.

The fact is that as of October 29 of the current year, 37 deaths related to the direct use of various vape products were already registered in the entire US. Trying to figure out what exactly triggers such a strong process of tissue degradation in the respiratory tract, specialists launched a new study, during which they discovered the most likely guess.

The fact is that in the majority of patients who died from EVALI and in a significant part of patients who applied for help to medical centers due to breathing difficulties, the presence of so-called THC oils was discovered, which are special aromatic oils inherent in many models of vape devices . So far, a team of medical researchers is in no hurry to announce a list of the most dangerous and common mixtures of this type, but it can be understood that soon scientists will undertake a more detailed study of this point.

Thus, experts at the CDC Center note that at the moment the only way to prevent the development of the disease is the complete rejection of the use of any electronic smoking device – and even more so, in which various aromatic additives are used. At this stage, it remains only to wait for the subsequent analysis of what exactly the specialists will do in order to determine the list of the most indicative risk factors in this regard.

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