CDC talks about the relationship of dogs and Cambylobacter jejuni outbreaks

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The US Disease Control and Response Center often issues fairly accurate and specific reports on what to do to avoid infection with various infections and bacteria – today CDC Center experts have released a report according to which a recent outbreak of Campylobacter jejuni infection can be directly linked to several petland kennels and pet stores. In particular, the commission team involved in the study of this relationship came to the direct conclusion that the dogs of different breeds are the main carriers of this infection.

Because of the thirty reported cases of patients who caught this infection and showed its characteristic symptoms – such as nausea, stomach cramps and high fever – 24 patients had previously had contact with dogs in these kennels. However, the team also notes the fact that the distribution center can now be concentrated not only within the Petland, but also in other kennels, mainly for dogs, and therefore warns the public about the need not to touch the dogs from these places once again.

Because even if the dog looks healthy, it can still be a carrier of this bacterium, transferring it in such a way to people who suffer from it most after a week – due to the relatively long incubation period. The study of the Campylobacter jejuni bacterium itself was carried out in the period from 2016 to 2018 and during this time, scientists from the CDC Center were able to describe its various properties in sufficient detail and detail.

So at this point in time, CDC specialists are warning the American public about the need to avoid constant contact with dogs from shelters and kennels, as well as puppies that are sold in various pet stores, until the original source of the flash is detected. It can be assumed that this discovery process will not take too long, due to the active work of the CDC.

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