CDC releases new US tobacco data

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Today, a new report by experts from the US CDC Centers for Disease Control and Prevention regarding tobacco use has brought some interesting adjustments to its trend. The fact is that scientists and statisticians compiled new statistics on the consumption of traditional nicotine cigarettes among the adult population of the United States and found that they are gradually falling not only in popularity, but also in the number of variations, while the popularity of electronic cigarettes and vape devices continues to grow steadily. What can not but bother the health professionals.

It is worth noting that over the past few years, traditional tobacco smoking has actually decreased – and over the period between 2018 and 2019, this figure fell from 16.7 to 13.2%, which is a fairly large indicator. As for the consumption of vape products, this indicator increased to 3.2% over the same period of time, and the report clearly indicates the fact that the majority of consumers of vape products are either not older than 25 years, thus making up the main backbone of customers .

Given the fact that the specialists of the CDC Center and several other medical institutions in the United States are making every effort to prevent the development of EVALI syndrome, which is characterized by problems in the functioning of the respiratory tract, it becomes clear that vape products, which are growing in popularity, continue to become more and more and more noticeable problem. Smoking traditional type of tobacco also poses a certain danger, but this danger has been studied at least in sufficient detail, and that is why experts fear that everything may worsen quickly.

It is worth noting the fact that under traditional tobacco, the CDC center meant not only smoking, but also chewing tobacco, which still does not soften the current picture – especially in relation to some social and age groups. So at this point in time, specialists continue to monitor the state of new statistics and are already conducting some additional comparative studies to clarify the early results.

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