CDC reiterates the dangers of vape

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FILE PHOTO: A general view of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia September 30, 2014. TO MATCH SPECIAL REPORT USA-UNCOUNTED / SURVEILLANCE REUTERS / Tami Chappell / File Photo

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention today issued another report on its independent investigation aimed at establishing a certain relationship between the systematic use of vape and the development of various respiratory diseases. In a new round of investigation, the attention of specialists from the Center came to the fact that more and more states and cities in America report sudden cases of respiratory diseases that are largely associated with the notorious e-smoking – which makes scientists more cautious .

More than 100 cases of sudden attacks of respiratory illness have already been reported throughout the United States, but mainly in fourteen states, among which Wisconsin, Arizona, California, Minnesota and Indiana stand out. It is worth noting the fact that in almost all cases of detected seizures and signs of the development of a particular respiratory disease, the patient in one way or another used various means of electronic smoking, and this already becomes a very noticeable chain in the logic of investigation of cases of diseases.

It is expected that soon specialists from the CDC Center, together with their medical science colleagues from some US universities, will undertake a more thorough investigation of such cases and this relationship, hoping to shed light on those e-smoking factors that could be potentially the most dangerous. However, for the time being, the theory of the dangers of aromatic additives is most convincing due to unclear circumstances.

It says that it is precisely the various aromatic additives that are attached to electronic smoking devices that carry out the main harmful activity, because they contain many active components that react with other elements and generate potentially toxic compounds and substances. In the meantime, it remains only to wait for the continuation of the experiment and the report, paying attention to new facts and circumstances.

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