CDC recommends continuing to wear protective masks

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The new type of coronavirus continues to be a rather noticeable threat to public health and the work of many enterprises, but not all people are still convinced of the need to wear a protective mask, at least in crowded places and in closed public spaces. That is why today the responsible information support team of the CDC Center for Disease Control issued a formal appeal to US citizens and residents of other regions of the Earth to continue wearing masks and adhere to fundamental rules and regulations of public safety during the current coronavirus pandemic.

The fact is that wearing masks has become mandatory for the vast majority of regions of the planet, not excluding the United States, which a couple of months ago managed to demonstrate a frightening number of cases of coronavirus and a tendency to increase this number. In such a difficult time, the skepticism of many people about the real degree of effectiveness of protective masks against coronavirus infection is quite justified, as noted in the official appeal of the CDC leadership.

However, as the director of this center himself noted, US citizens are strongly encouraged to continue wearing protective masks and using various kinds of disinfectants, since only such massive collective measures can help improve control of the epidemic itself. The CDC director noted that if “right now all US residents put on masks and strictly follow the recommendations of doctors, then the epidemic will subside within the next four to six weeks,” but this format of mass obedience is clearly fueling even more skepticism and distrust towards to the doctors.

It is worth noting that the US CDC's Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has previously indicated its interest in further improving and tightening public health control measures. In other words, soon the CDC may begin to act more severely punitive measures in relation to those people who do not wear masks.

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