CDC in the United States has registered more than 700 cases of measles

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Today, the US Centers for Disease Control has published a new report on the dynamics of measles spread, which is one of the most contagious and dangerous diseases that are almost impossible to treat. A few days ago, the Center recorded a record-by-modern measure of measles cases among the US population in several states – the threshold exceeded 670 cases, which exceeded the previous record in 2014. Now, with the release of the updated report on measles outbreaks in the United States, it becomes clear that the disease is becoming more serious, primarily characterized by a high proportion of spread.

Thus, the new indicator is estimated at 700 officially registered cases of measles among all categories of the US population, mainly in the central part of the country. Specialists of the Center noted that, starting from April 29, a resident of some other states, such as Wisconsin and Idaho, are threatened with measles, all in all, referring to a total of 22 states of America.

In his official address to the public, President Donald Trump indicated that it is necessary to promptly and promptly administer measles vaccines for children in order to protect as many of them as possible from this dangerous disease. It is worth noting that the past rhetoric of the American president regarding vaccinations was extremely close to the popular anti-vaccination movement, but now that the threat has become the real scale of the national epidemic, Trump has changed his attitude to this problem.

Measles in the United States is the so-called “defeated” disease since 2000, when the smallest incidence rate was registered — however, the number of patients with measles has gradually increased, although not in such proportion that it was then possible to talk about an epidemic. Whatever it was, but for now it remains to wait for the next news about what measures will be applied by the US Centers for Disease Control.

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