CDC has identified a candidate to develop the best mosquito repellents

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Today, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention presented their new study, in which they identified the next most effective candidate for the role of an excellent protector against mosquitoes and other similar insects that love to bite people and are often carriers of various diseases such as malaria and Lyme disease. In particular, after conducting several sessions of experiments, the research team discovered that grapefruit contains such a candidate – the so-called component nootkaton, which is also often used in the perfumery industry, as it emits a pronounced smell of this fruit.

After experts identified this component as the most ideal candidate for subsequent transformation into a chemical agent that protects humans from attacks by flying insects, they conducted a laboratory study and found that nootkaton not only effectively repels insects, but also kills them in a special way. However, so far, scientists have not noted what the specific nature of this murder is, however, it can already be concluded that the nootkaton is actually doing its job effectively.

Specialists of the CDC have already managed to register a patent for the use of this component of grapefruit with the help of their colleagues from the US Environmental Protection Agency, thus actually securing an intellectual secret and the subsequent possibility of using nootkaton as part of various repellents and other protective chemicals against mosquitoes of various kinds , not to mention its additional properties – for example, a pleasant smell.

This complex advantage of nootkaton may well allow it to earn a high level of popularity among a huge number of subsequent repellent manufacturers – however, this will only be possible if the team from the CDC Center allows its secret and patent to become available to interested partners, which, of course, is the most a realistic scenario for its subsequent deployment on the market.

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