CDC experts again talk about the dangers of vape

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Today, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has released a new report on the real threat posed by e-smoking devices – in particular, the Center’s specialists have identified a new risk factor that may be responsible for the increased number of dangerous hospital admissions associated with e-smoking . In particular, the team of specialists indicated that the new updated case deals with the so-called vitamin E acetate, which is present in rather large proportions in some non-nicotine vape products and which can be the main danger in the development of respiratory diseases.

A new report was prepared specifically on the occasion of an increase in the number of hospitalizations in moderate and severe conditions – when patients who had previously used one or another type of electronic smoking were admitted to hospitals with pronounced symptoms of various respiratory problems. It is reported that it is vitamin E acetate, which is one of the most common substances in some nicotine-free vape devices, that is somehow associated with an increased risk of these symptoms – moreover, the CDC Center noted that in the last 450 cases it was proved the presence of this substance in the laboratory.

Thus, the CDC has a new risk factor that is worth special consideration. Among other things, the team of scientists says that most of the producers of non-nicotine electronic smoking have most likely already read the report and are taking all measures necessary to neutralize this residual effect.

Be that as it may, the increased number of hospitalizations with pronounced symptoms in one way or another indicates that it is not so simple in addressing the dangers of vape devices. In addition, the special commission of the CDC Center intends to delve into all the nuances of new patient cases and check out some additional subtleties associated with the specified substance, as well as with some others that may also be present in the vapes.

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