CDC announces new cause of salmonellosis outbreak in the US

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Today, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released special reporting statistics on recent cases of an outbreak of salmonellosis — moreover, the responsible team presented a separate statistic along with the report that talks about a new potential source of the salmonella threat. This time we are talking about a possible danger from the side of dried pig ears, which are a fairly common treat for dogs – because a certain part of hospitalized people with salmonellosis confirmed contact with dogs or with this dog treat on the eve of hospitalization.

In particular, modern statistics for several states of America – including Michigan, where the outbreak showed itself – out of 38 patients hospitalized with salmonellosis, 34 people actually reported contact with dogs before the first symptoms of the disease appeared. In a more detailed and thorough investigation, the Center specialists found that in 17 cases out of these 34 there was a place to be in contact with dried pig ears – both direct and indirect.

So, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Center today issued a special reporting instruction that instructs residents of Michigan and surrounding states to take the necessary precautions and, above all, watch carefully for eating pets and whether contact with the aforementioned dog snack was noticed. – because dogs can also serve as carriers of the virus, which in some cases can make it more difficult.

Nevertheless, while the investigation into the new outbreak of salmonellosis continues, specialists still have no reason to doubt the veracity of their theories and forecasts – in addition, the statistics continue to grow dynamically and show some really interesting trends in this aspect. In particular, the ability to avoid infection through a more thorough check that the pet eats.

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