CBG component in marijuana may be effective against MRSA viruses

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The search for various useful compounds of a non-psychoactive property in a psychoactive environment is of interest to many microbiological researchers, since in this way a conceptually new way of combating one or another viral disease can be discovered. And today, a team of talented chemists from the American Chemical Association presented the results of their latest study on the search and identification of the most useful cannabis compounds, which could be a decisive factor in the treatment of MRSA viruses, which are among the most dangerous because they can interfere the action of antibiotics, even strong ones.

Preliminary tests of various compounds and components found in marijuana were previously conducted under the supervision of several research teams, but only the current one managed to produce an even more accurate and revealing analysis. It is worth noting that the experts actually managed to identify the so-called CBG compound found in cannabis along with the traditional THC compound.

It was it that showed the greatest effectiveness in eliminating the basics and symptoms of the MRSA virus using the example of several experimental rats to which this virus was previously induced. In addition, the study and analysis of the compound itself was carried out in parallel with a similar analysis of over 18 other compounds, so the researchers had something to compare the results with. And in combination with some additional antibiotics, the healing effect and effectiveness of the CBG compound was further enhanced, which gave rise to an increased degree of recovery of the mice, ceteris paribus, the laboratory experiment.

In addition, experts found that the present compound responds well with a number of new antibiotics created specifically to combat the MRSA virus family – and this may mean that pre-compiling the correct set of compounds in the final market version of the antibiotic can be much easier . So it remains only to wait for further news and the results of the researchers themselves regarding the success of the vaccine.

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