Cashews May Help Strengthen Myelin

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Myelin, which is a protective sheath of nerves inside our body, is the first and last line of defense of the nerves from various harmful external factors, among which systematic stress is the first to stand out. While researching various ways and components in nature to strengthen myelin or protect it from outside encroachment, a team of biologists from several US universities today presented the results of these searches, which were truly unexpected. According to the latest research by American biologist Subramaniam Shiram, cashews may be the most promising candidates for this protective role.

The fact is that cashew nuts themselves have often previously become the object of research in the context of their influence on the functioning of internal organs and tissues of the body, often deducing from their properties the ability to effectively protect them from various bacteria. However, in a new study, experts have concluded that cashews can also be extremely effective in protecting and strengthening myelin, the outer sheath of nerves, since the main component in it – anacardic acid – is an effective natural inhibitor of the so-called IL-33 protein.

This protein, in turn, allows myelin to overgrow with additional protective layers and generally slows down its destruction, despite all external influences, including stress. Thus, experts recommend eating a small amount of cashew nuts on a daily basis, or at least as often as possible – since this food product has long been considered not the most affordable, both in terms of geography and price.

At this point in time, experts are not quite sure about how much the results they obtained can be repeated with similar internal test configurations – however, there is no doubt that it is cashews that are the most effective factor of protection against a sudden attack of stress factors. Thus, it remains only to await further research and conclusions of the team of specialists regarding additional properties and characteristics of these nuts.

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