Cardio exercise can improve brain cognitive abilities.

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It is no secret that various types of neurodegenerative diseases are becoming more and more dangerous in one way or another – not least due to the fact that the quality and life expectancy of the average person in the world is increasing, which means that such diseases come faster and at an earlier age. In order to establish the most rational and effective ways to prevent Alzheimer's disease – considered one of the most dangerous diseases of this spectrum – a team of researchers from the scientific journal Brain Plasticity decided to conduct one interesting experiment, which includes systematic exercises with cardio loads.

Scientists selected several dozen subjects prone to develop this neurodegenerative disease in connection with a family history, and divided them into two groups – the first group led a sedentary lifestyle, being provided only with recommendations for improving physical health, and the second was directly involved in systematic cardiac loads on an exercise bike and treadmill up to three times a week for 26 weeks.

At the end of this time period, the researchers sat both groups at their desks and offered them several tests aimed at revealing the level of cognitive plasticity and speed. As you might guess, the second group, which was actively engaged in cardio exercises, did much better, on average, showing a more positive result. Thus, scientists have confirmed the theory that systematic cardio exercises can be an excellent prevention of neurodegeneration at any age.

It is worth noting the fact that the relationship between the occurrence of a neurodegenerative disease and the level of oxygen enrichment of the brain is itself direct – and therefore the final result of the experiment did not become so incredible or unforeseen. However, experts have stated that they seek to conduct several more similar experiments in order to establish a more accurate relationship of this type.

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