Cannabidiol affects eye health worse than expected

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Today, medical experts from the United States published their new study regarding the real effect of cannabidiol – a very common substance in marijuana – on the functioning of the eyeball and its associated optic nerve. Preliminary results have shown that cannabidiol negatively affects the eyes, increasing the pressure inside the eyeball, which can be very dangerous for people suffering from glaucoma and taking medical marijuana to alleviate its symptoms. This is a fairly common practice, since it has long been proven that THC contained in marijuana dilates the walls of blood vessels.

However, what to do when both THC and cannabidiol are found in the same agent? The answer to this question may be more unobvious than it seems at first glance. Scientists from the United States suggest that the effect of cannabidiol is greater than that of THC, which means marijuana use for patients with glaucoma and certain other types of eye diseases can do more harm than good. At the same time, they indicate a lack of scientific evidence and empirical evidence for this – although experiments on mice have indicated some aspects.

In particular, scientists found an approximately 18% increase in the average level of pressure inside the eyes in mice that were induced by cannabidiol and THC at the same time, which indicates that these two substances are not completely compatible with each other and do more harm than good to humans. On the other hand, we should expect additional confirmations or refutations regarding this experiment and all the similar ones that are yet to be done by specialists.

In addition, not so long ago, research teams have previously suggested that cannabidiol can have a rather devastating effect on the eyeball, but they still have to figure out whether the ultimate harm is so pronounced. Be that as it may, the study will certainly shed light on some of the features of the effects and benefits of medical marijuana.

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