Cancer Can Seriously Change Human Microbiome

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Today, experts from the University of Colorado presented their new study on the analysis of a very unusual mechanism related to the growth and development of cancer cells. In their study, scientists compare cancer cells with parasites in the context of the ability of the former to steal nutrients from other cells and change the intestinal environment of the body for more intensive theft of substances. In particular, they presented two mechanisms by which cancer cells affect the level of glucose processing in the body, while simultaneously destroying individual bacteria in the intestinal environment, one way or another connected with the regulation of blood sugar.

Sugar is necessary for cancer cells in order to continue intensive growth. Using the development of leukemia as an example, experts from Colorado demonstrated the work of these two mechanisms by which cancer cells steal nutrients. The first mechanism is that infected cells create a kind of diabetic state in normal cells, thereby lowering their glucose level – in fact, this way cancer cells steal more glucose for themselves, while at the same time they help organize a protein called IGFBP1, which artificially reduces sugar levels to a minimum, thus deceiving the body.

The second mechanism also relates to this – it is based on the suppression of insulin production and keeping it at a low level, in order to change the functioning of some individual intestinal bacteria. Thus, cancer cells have the ability to directly influence the chemical environment of the human intestinal microbiome by regulating its glucose cycle.

Subject to all these mechanisms, the development of cancer is somewhat faster than the usual pace – which is why Colorado experts are interested in finding a way to effectively reduce this feature of cancer cells in relation to the theft of glucose. Because it seems to be the key and most important mechanism, which ultimately plays the largest role in relation to the fight against cancer cells and tumors. It remains to wait for new information and details regarding the study.

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