Cancer can be prevented by a proper diet.

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It is no secret that proper nutrition can not only improve the quality of life, but also increase its duration – however, improper nutrition can cause the emergence and development of a different spectrum of diseases, including cancer. Today's study of nutritionists from Tufts University clearly demonstrates how dangerous or unhealthy diets can be dangerous in this context – moreover, scientists have focused on finding out more or less accurate figures on what types of cancer for which types of bad diets are the most likely, regardless of age and other individual characteristics.

Due to a long and careful analysis of the data obtained over the past few years across America regarding the study of the relationship between cancer and malnutrition, experts from Tufts University identified a specific percentage of cancer with poor nutrition – it is 5.2% of the total spectrum of diseases. In comparison, alcohol ranges from 5% to 6%, low physical activity from 2% to 3%, and excess weight from 7% to 8%.

At the same time, studying more closely such types of cancer as colorectal and esophagus cancer, experts found out that about 38.4% of cases of these types of cancer throughout the United States each year resulted from an irregular systematic diet – which is a rather large percentage. As for the definition of the wrong diet, then experts first of all note that it is a question of insufficient consumption of fruits, vegetables and whole-grain products – their absence or deficiency with a rather high probability can lead to a precancerous condition.

And from a precancerous condition to a cancer, there are only a few steps, subject to some related health problems. However, for the time being, experts are interested in conducting repeated studies and comparing new results with current ones – so it remains to wait for specific results on the second stage of testing this experiment.

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