Canada adopts new laws to combat plastic pollution.

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Today it became known that the Government of Canada has joined the so-called anti-plastic bloc of states and international organizations that are actively struggling with the dominance of plastics in the world – in particular, the Government of Canada decided to adopt a series of measures and laws aimed at restricting the use, manufacture and plastic recycling – since less than 10% of plastic according to official statistics is generally subject to recycling and disposal. At the same time, responsible leaders in Canadian environmental organizations noted that the country is also ready to adopt some additional regulations regarding the use of disposable plastic.

It is the disposable plastic in the face of drinking tubes, cups and other similar options that represents the highest environmental threat, since it is made in large volumes and is practically not subject to subsequent processing. In addition, the Canadian government noted that most of the plastic is somehow thrown into the Canadian Gulf, which nails material to drains and drainage punishment cells – thus, the country with the longest coastline suffers immensely from this.

Estimates suggest that plastics amounting to just $ 8 billion per year is emitted in total, which is a really big figure even for such a large state. Regarding laws regarding restrictions on the use and distribution of plastics, most of them are planned for implementation by 2021, when the Government of Canada will develop a final plan for such a complex.

The environmental threat from plastic, spreading around the world, continues to pester more and more scientific teams and groups that offer their options to meet the problem. It remains only to wait for official details as to what exactly the Government of Canada will undertake with respect to resolving these problems with plastic.

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