Canabidiodes may be more effective under certain conditions

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Some active substances and additives simply cannot be useful and effective if the user deliberately violates certain rules for their administration – however, the same can happen in the case of an unconscious violation of the prescription. And today, a talented team of biological researchers from the University of Minnesota presented the results of their new study on the possibility of uncovering the greatest beneficial potential of the CBD canabidiol family food supplements, which are often taken by patients suffering from a certain complex of diseases – it turned out that the prescription for their administration should be slightly different .

In particular, the research team wondered under what circumstances the use of the cannabidiol CBD family food supplements could be the most beneficial and effective. Typically, a similar dietary supplement taken from cannabinoids is taken as oral tablets immediately before eating or together with a fairly low-fat diet.

However, it turned out that such tablets find the greatest potential only in combination with the intake of fatty foods, since the fibers of the CBD constituents react best to fatty acids. According to preliminary statistical and dynamic studies, CBD-containing substances are found in four times the volume in patients taking them together or after fatty foods in comparison with those patients who consume them on an empty stomach or with dietary food. Thus, the new results raise very interesting questions regarding dosages and new medical recommendations for the use of such active additives in the diet of many patients.

However, the research team is not yet ready to declare any specific results and points directly related to the use of canadidiol-containing drugs. It is expected that soon the research team will make a new attempt and determine for patients the most interesting and effective methods and formats for taking these kinds of drugs. (20.08)

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