Camu camu extract is effective against obesity

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Some fruits have a truly unusual and extremely beneficial effect on the body – such as blackberries and currants, which are very rich in polyphenol and healthy sugars. However, there is another very interesting fruit called kamu-kamu, first found in the rain forests of Peru and Brazil, which quickly gained popularity as a “super-fruit”. Having about 2-3% of vitamin C from its total mass and a large amount of flavanoids and antioxidants, this fruit interested not only nutritionists, but also researchers in the field of medicine. What experts from the University of Quebec decided to do.

They decided to test the beneficial effects of this fruit on experimental mice to determine how well it affects metabolism. To do this, they selected several mice and divided them into two groups, both of which received food very saturated with fats and sugar, but only one of which received kamu-kama as an additive. After eight weeks, after weighing the mice, scientists found that the group in whose diet this fruit was present gained almost 50% less weight, besides distinguishing itself with stronger health.

More precisely, among the most notable health indicators, researchers found that the use of kamu-kam by mice allowed them to somewhat speed up the metabolic process, which in turn determined a faster process of burning fat. In addition, the kamu-kamu fruit has significantly reduced metabolic inflammation and the concentration of endotoxins in the blood. After conducting a few additional tests, Quebec experts found that the fruit increased glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity.

It becomes clear that the results of the work exceeded all expectations – especially in the context of studying how the fruit affects the microbiome of the intestine and bacteria. Thus, experts have established that kamu-kamu may well be used as one of the fundamental elements of new drugs and medicinal compounds aimed at improving weight control and speeding up metabolism – which can be especially useful and relevant for professional athletes who just need it.

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