Caltek University Scientists Develop New COVID-19 Home Test

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One of the most indicative problems associated with the diagnosis of a new type of coronavirus in most people is the problem of the unavailability of more or less effective and quick-to-use diagnostic tests – especially those that could be used directly at home. Today, a talented team of chemical engineering specialists from Caltek University presented their new development in the form of a unique and multifunctional home test for COVID-19, which has not only promising functionality, but also a truly unique approach to the implementation of the diagnosis itself.

First of all, it is worth noting the important fact that most of the internal sensors used for this test were somehow taken from the previous developments of specialists from the medical department of the Caltek University – then the team was developing special sensors that could measure the level of certain hormones in saliva, blood and urine. for the subsequent diagnosis of various diseases. The exact same technique is used in the presented home test for COVID-19, while most of the materials are somehow made of a special polymer compound using graphene, composed as a kind of porous structure, covered with a wide layer of laser engraving.

Thus, the structure is a full-size 3D structure, despite its extremely small size. The user places a small volume of one of the three biological fluids mentioned above and after 10-15 minutes can count on a more or less accurate result regarding COVID-19 antibodies.

Thus, the illustrated test is more aimed at presenting to a person the fact of the presence or absence of antibodies that could indicate infection with a new type of coronavirus COVID-19. Of course, in the future, the development team intends to take additional measures in order to give their diagnostic test much more interesting functions and features regarding the integration of third-party diagnostic tools. However, this approach is still quite controversial and requires additional time.

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