Calorie restriction can improve health

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A new study from the CALORIE National Institute of Health in the USA, specializing in the study of various dietary methods for losing weight and maintaining health, was presented today by a separate team of specialists who sought to prove that a gradual decrease in daily calories can lead to a constant trend of healthy weight loss. In particular, the theory that the removal of about 300 calories daily in the diet of healthy people would help them maintain a much greater degree of stability while gradually losing weight and improving health indicators was at the center of their new study.

In particular, experts focused on identifying how a gradual decrease in calorie intake can affect indicators such as blood pressure and glucose tolerance. The experiment was attended by 218 adults up to 50 years of age, who already showed quite good results in terms of weight, intestinal biome and general health.

During the first month, volunteers were supposed to gradually reduce their calorie intake by 25% from the original figure, and over the next two to three months by another 10%. In the course of the study, it turned out that even reaching a minimum threshold of 25% – which equals approximately 300 calories per day – can significantly stabilize blood pressure, lower the body's tolerance to sugar and establish some functions related to the intestinal environment of bacteria. All these positive properties in one way or another can be decisive for maintaining health in old age.

And therefore, scientists were able to clearly demonstrate that the removal of only 300 calories per day is actually capable of reversing the factor of personal well-being and people's health – even if they do not suffer from any diseases. What is even more interesting is that during such a diet people can continue to use various food additives and even a small amount of sugar-containing products, but within reasonable limits.

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